Trim Your Balls
The Gentle Way

The body trimmer you can rely on

Hassle-free Trimming

Taming body hair can be quite the hassle. Shaving months of growth is not only time-consuming but using clippers near sensitive spots? Now, that’s daunting.

KingBalls trimmer, equipped with a ceramic blade, effortlessly cuts through the chaos – guaranteeing no cuts, no tugs, and absolutely no dreaded ingrown hairs. It’s an all-in-one tool – eliminating the need for pre-trimming scissors. Say goodbye to post-shave irritation once and for all.

It’s also perfect for managing your intimate areas. Discover extra inches by trimming down your bush!

Full Body Trimmer

The KingBalls trimmer quickly and gently removes body hair from every area.

  • Ceramic blade – easy on the skin, tough on the hair. Zero nicks.
  • Post-trim itch? Not on our watch.
  • Separate GroinGuard™ for intimate area grooming.
  • 4 cm wide blade and 6500 RPM for a quick, efficient trim.
  • Wireless and lightweight, designed for a man’s hand. Easily trim even hard-to-reach areas.
  • Two hours on the charger gives you weeks of grooming power.
  • Ideal for body and head hair. Leaves longer stubble on the beard.
  • LED light ensures precision trimming.

Quaranteed Quality

We’re sure this is the best body trimmer you’ve ever tried. That’s why we’re backing it up with a 14-day full satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty.


The trimmer’s blade ensures a smooth and speedy trimming experience for your entire body.

  • Replaceable ceramic blade cuts through hair at 6500 RPM
  • Crafted to keep your skin out of harm’s way
  • Rounded edges for skin protection
  • Stainless steel blade guard
  • Smooth and seamless trimming experience
  • Special GroinGuard™ for safe grooming down there


We use the same battery technology found in smartphones. Quick charge, long-lasting power.

  • 600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • Battery maintains charge, even after years of use
  • Battery life display
  • An hour of trimming on a one-hour charge
  • USB-C charging (compatible with phone charger or computer)


Compact and lightweight trimmer designed to follow the contours of your body. Wide blade takes care of large areas swiftly. Offers a secure grip, even when your hands are wet.

  • LED light makes trimming a breeze
  • Stays cool, even during long trimming sessions
  • Travel lock
  • Waterproof (IPX7 rating), performs even underwater
  • Shock-resistant body for a sturdy grip
  • Wireless and lightweight, weighing only 147 grams


“I’ve always thought that a man’s body hair is masculine. However, since I started balding, I decided to give this trimmer a shot for trimming my head. Now, on Saturday mornings, it takes just a few minutes to trim my entire head. I’ve gotten tons of compliments from women on my one-millimeter buzz cut.”

– Timo

“Every now and then, my girlfriend would poke fun at my back hair. I looked up body trimmers online and came across your website. I’ve used the trimmer on other areas too and have been really happy with the results. My girlfriend even borrows it sometimes, but she refuses to get her own.”

– Veikko

“I was searching for a trimmer to groom my hair down there. There were many options. I initially considered the Philips OneBlade, but ultimately chose KingBalls’ trimmer. I’ve never hurt myself, and the trimming quality is great. It doesn’t itch like it does after using a razor either. That said, I also take my time and trim very slowly and carefully.”

– Samuel

GroinGuard™ for Intimate Area Trimming Nyyttiterä

Add the newly released GroinGuard™ v2 to your order. The updated GroinGuard cuts hair significantly faster than the first version while also being gentler on the skin.

GroinGuard™ is designed for trimming hair in intimate areas and guarantees a completely painless trim. The GroinGuard has small bumps that prevent delicate skin from reaching the blade. It’s specifically designed for trimming the scrotum.

If you injure yourself using the GroinGuard, you are entitled to a €31 refund. Best of all, your balls will feel incredibly smooth afterward.

Switch to the GroinGuard™ instead of the regular blade when trimming intimate areas. Trimmer purchasers can now get the GroinGuard™ for half price (€13.64).

Comforting Powder for Your Balls

KingBalls Body Powder actively combats sweat, odor, and skin irritation, designed to prevent chafing and discomfort especially in the groin area. This powder instantly cools and soothes your skin, providing rapid relief from itching.

What sets our powder apart is its modern, masculine fragrance – surprisingly popular with women too! It doubles as an effective underarm deodorant, ensuring you stay fresh and protected throughout the day.

Formulated to be gentle on your skin, KingBalls’ powder is non-irritating and has passed rigorous dermatological testing. Perfect for daily use. Take advantage of our special offer: buy in bulk and enjoy significant savings! Net weight: 100 grams.

The trimmer comes with a one-year warranty. If it breaks or no longer holds a charge, send it back to us and we’ll provide you with a working replacement.

If the trimmer nicks you we will refund your money. Notify us within 14 days of receiving the trimmer. The guarantee only applies to orders with the GroinGuard.

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Price includes:

  • KingBalls v2 body trimmer
  • 1.5mm, 3mm/6mm, and 9mm/12mm combs
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB charging cable
  • Charging stand

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A Word From The CEO

We are a small Finnish company behind KingBalls. After a successful year in Finland, we are thrilled to expand our presence also to Finland. As a young brand, we’re eager to serve and win your heart too. Trimming boosts cleanliness and reduces odors. Trust me, playing sports with a hairless groin area is a game changer. A Cosmopolitan study found that only 6% of women dig guys with untrimmed pubic hair. And the YouGov Body Image Study 2021 looked at full-body trimming, showing that most women fancy men who do at least some grooming. Make both you and your partner grin with the KingBalls body trimmer. Our trimmer also makes a gift that the recipient will truly thank you for. If you’ve got questions, drop us a line at I hope you love our trimmer. It’s my go-to for a head trim also.
– Niko Viitala

Package Contents


Gentle trimmer for body hair.


Hook it up to your computer or phone charger. We’re skipping on including a charger to keep things green.


We’re throwing in 1.5mm and two-sided 3mm/6mm and 9mm/12mm combs. For a closer trim, feel free to use without them.


Charge the trimmer straight up or dock it on the stand.

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Package weight 0,52 kg
Package size 8,5 x 20 x 9,5 cm
Trimmer weight 147 g
Trimmer size 14,5 x 4,5 x 3,5 cm
RPM 6500 strokes/min
Battery 3.7V 600 mAh Lithium-iron phosphate
Charging time 1,5 hours
Running time 1,5 hours
Charging USB-C
Charger Not included
Warranty period 1 v
Product code KBT-2
EAN 06430080670116
Color Black
Water resistance IPX7, works submerged in water
Power Maximum power consumption 5W, voltage 100- 240V